demodimartile5One product we strongly recommend to women at all stages of motherhood — from pre-conception to postpartum — is the Hormonal Balance Guided Meditation CD (and MP3 download) from One Light One Spirit.

This incredible guided meditation not only helps you de-stress in a physical way (good for your adrenals, and may help fertility!) but it also helps you get mind, body, spirit and hormones back in balance.

This audio meditation features original music, and the powerfully relaxing and empowering voice of the meditation’s creator, Demo DiMartile. Click here to listen to samples, and download the MP3, or buy the CD


A top-quality prenatal vitamin is a foundational basic from the months before conception, through breastfeeding. There are not many prenatal vitamins that provide several essential nutrients discussed in the book. We can, however, recommend five exceptional prenatal vitamin brands, listed here along with links.


 We recommend a number of books, supplements, and products in Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease. To make it easy to find them, we have assembled many of our favorites in our Amazon online store. You will also find books by experts who are featured in the book.

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