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demodimartile5One product we strongly recommend to women at all stages of motherhood — from pre-conception to postpartum — is the Hormonal Balance Guided Meditation CD (and MP3 download) from One Light One Spirit.

The Hormonal Balance Meditation was designed to support women at all stages of hormonal change, from puberty, to pregnancy, to postpartum and menopause. This guided meditation can help you alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance — such as stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, cravings, and hot flashes — by encouraging harmony, healing, and balance and throughout your endocrine system.

This incredible guided meditation not only helps you de-stress in a physical way (good for your adrenals, and may help your fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health) but it also helps you get mind, body, spirit and hormones back in balance.

This audio meditation features original music, and the powerfully relaxing and empowering voice of the meditation’s creator, Demo DiMartile. Click here to listen to samples, and download the MP3, or buy the CD.

I’ve have had the pleasure of getting to know Demo DiMartile. It’s not often you meet someone with such a special gift of healing. His guided meditations have helped me through my own hormonal shifts with thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, and perimenopause. I highly recommend the Hormonal Balance Meditation for women of all ages going through hormonal changes including pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause.
~Dana Trentini


“The One Light One Spirit ‘Hormonal Balance’ guided meditation is a life-changing tool that I recommend for women of all ages who will thrive, once they reach a place of balance in both hormones and life. This CD is also an excellent complement to our new book, “Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease,” and can bring peace of mind, calm and balance to women struggling with fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health challenges.”
~ Mary Shomon

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HORMONAL BALANCE MEDITATION: Restoring Inner Peace And Power

When you are under stress, your hypothalamus gland, responsible for maintaining the body’s internal balance, signals the pituitary gland to stimulate the adrenal glands to release cortisol and adrenaline–stresshormones. This begins a chain reaction throughout your endocrine glands that affects all glands. The greater the fear, the greater the stress. The greater the stress the more cortisol is released. The excess of cortisol causes your hormones to go haywire, sending you on a rollercoaster ride that leaves you feeling totally out of control, overwhelmed, exhausted and always on high alert for some looming threat to your health.

But the good news is there is a simple, powerful, well documented, all natural way to help handle it and even enjoy the journey: guided meditation.

Meditation is proven to diminish the psychological and emotional symptoms of hormone imbalance including anxiety and depression. Hormonal changes often trigger upsets that affect your self-image, self-esteem and self-acceptance. The Hormonal Balance Meditation can promote a sense of inner peace, a renewed trust in your body’s ability to remain in balance, and help you to regain greater control over your health and wellbeing.

Guided meditation is effortless. You don’t even have to know how to meditate. Just listen. Follow the guidance and relax. Meditation is a proven process for accessing the immense energy of your subconscious mind which regulates and controls all bodily functions and it is the way to retrieve the phenomenal healing power within you.

While meditating, you can help reboot your hormonal system and target stress, depression, anxiety, mood swings, mind fog, fatigue and insomnia that drain your vitality and wellbeing.

By reestablishing inner peace and calm through meditation, you can stop inner turmoil, and overcome fear, anxiety and stress. The unimaginable power of inner peace can restore hormonal balance and give you greater control over your health and wellbeing.

Order or Download Now at CD Baby at http://cdbaby.com/cd/demodimartile5

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