By some estimates, there are 50 million+ Americans with thyroid conditions. Most are women. And here’s a startling statistic: The majority of people with thyroid problems are also undiagnosed and untreated.That means there are MILLIONS of women walking around with thyroid conditions, but they don’t know it.

Are you one of them? You may not realize that thyroid imbalances can contribute to infertility, recurrent miscarriage, pregnancy problems, and postpartum health challenges. Your thyroid problem also puts your baby at increased risk of prematurity, breech birth, ADHD, autism, and cognitive disabilities.

Or, you may already have a diagnosed thyroid condition. Is your treatment optimal? How can you tell? Will your thyroid get in the way of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby? Sadly, many endocrinologists don’t know how to manage pregnancy in their patients, and many obstetricians don’t know how to manage thyroid disease in their patients. The result? Miscarriages, preeclampsia, premature babies, and other complications.

For you and your baby, you need to take charge of your health!

How can you do it? Start with this book!

In Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease, you’ll get the answers you need. With personal stories and cutting-edge medical advice from leading health practitioners, the book explains how to recognize thyroid symptoms, get properly diagnosed/treated, manage thyroid problems during pregnancy, overcome thyroid-related infertility, and deal with postpartum challenges.

You will find step-by-step, easy-to-understand guides for each stage of motherhood with a thyroid condition, from pre-conception, to postpartum. In this comprehensive guide, you will also discover everything you need to know about the medical, nutritional, lifestyle, and mind-body approaches that will allow you to live well with a thyroid condition, and have a healthy baby.

The book is written by the nation’s leading thyroid patient advocates: Dana Trentini, thyroid advocate and founder of HypothyroidMom, and New York Times bestselling author, About.com/Verywell Thyroid Expert Mary Shomon. Both Dana and Mary lost babies due to thyroid conditions, but went on to have happy, healthy children.

With this book, Dana and Mary are determined to accomplish three objectives:

  1. Help you avoid needless heartbreak due to undiagnosed or poorly treated thyroid issues
  2. Empower you with the tools and information you need to have a healthy pregnancy and baby
  3. Change the system! Despite the serious implications of missing or mistreating thyroid conditions, pregnant women are not universally screened, leading to miscarriages, or lifelong issues for the child. Fertility experts routinely ignore thyroid testing, while charging thousands of dollars for monthly treatments. And we have epidemics of “unexplained” ADHD and autism — while the demonstrated link between these issues and untreated thyroid problems in mothers are being ignored.


Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease is being released in June of 2016. To ensure you have one of the first copies as soon as the book is released, pre-order your paperback or ebook copy of the book now.

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